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OB Nurse Navigator Program  

Pregnant motherphotographybyjessicarivera.com As any expectant mom knows, the anticipation of the birthing experience is an exciting time but can sometimes be overwhelming.

The Birthing Center at OSF St. Joseph Medical Center offers the OB Nurse Navigator Program with the goal to help moms feel confident and comfortable before the big day arrives. The navigator program adds an extra layer of one-on-one care for pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum care.

Beginning at 20 weeks, and lasting well after families return home, the navigators act as a personal guide for expectant parents.

All of the OB Nurse Navigators are registered nurses at our Birthing Center, so moms can rest assure they are receiving expert advice and insight from someone who knows and understands what they’re experiencing.

When an expectant mom chooses to join the OB Nurse Navigator Program, she will be assigned a nurse navigator. It's important to have the same navigator to build those trusting relationships. This creates continuity of care well before moms arrive at the hospital.

Of course, if moms choose not to join the program, our staff is always here for our patients as an added resource for their entire birthing experience, not just while they are here at the hospital.

What to Expect

You decide how involved you want to be in the program. You can just attend the scheduled meetings, or you can consult with your navigator about your pregnancy or what to expect during delivery and beyond.

At 20 weeks, your OB Nurse Navigator will call and set a time to meet face to face at the Birthing Center. This meeting will last approximately one hour. Your navigator will explain how the program works, provide educational materials, review changes during your pregnancy, and discuss protecting your unborn baby and prenatal testing. During this time, you and your navigator will get to know one another. Your support person is also welcome to attend.

At 28 weeks, your navigator will schedule a phone call with you. The two of you will discuss pre-term labor and choosing a pediatrician (if you have not done so), and your navigator will answer any questions you may have about testing.

At 36 weeks, your navigator will schedule a final meeting. At this time, your navigator will pre-register you, give a tour of the Birthing Center, discuss breastfeeding questions and supplies, and show you a video about epidurals. This meeting could take up to two hours and your support person is encouraged to join you. 

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If you are interested in learning more about the program, please call (309) 665-4704.

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