OSF St. Joseph Medical Center

What to Expect

Our Birthing Center is a state-of-the-art patient care facility, focused on modernized health care and safety for each patient. Our nursing staff is accredited in quality patient care and nursing excellence.

We hope this website helps prepare you for the experience you will have at our Birthing Center. However, please know you can always call us at (309) 665-4703 if you have questions.

Check out "During Your Stay," "Visitor Information," "Preparing for Your Stay, "and more at the left.

Pre-Registration & Admitting

We strongly encourage you to participate in our pre-registration program. If you are a part of our OB Nurse Navigator Program , your navigator will pre-register you. Pre-registering means there’s one less thing for you to do when you arrive at the hospital.

Taking advantage of this offer greatly streamlines the admitting process. When the big day arrives, you will need to go to the Emergency Department at OSF St. Joseph Medical Center. You will check in at the desk and the staff will escort you in a wheelchair to the Birthing Center. Once you are taken to the Birthing Center and are settled in your room, your nurse will ask you some questions and examine you to determine how your labor is progressing.

Your nurse will also discuss a plan for your care that best meets your needs and those of your family. Any preparatory procedures your physician has ordered will be explained at this time. For more information on how to pre-register at the Birthing Center, please call (309) 665-4704.

Car Seat Information

It is important to have your car seat or car seat base properly installed prior to arriving to the hospital to deliver. To locate a local certified car seat check, visit the National Highway Traffic Administration’s website . It is the law all newborns go home in a car seat.

The Birthing Center also has certified car seat technicians who are here to help. Please call (309) 665-4703 to schedule an appointment.