OSF St. Joseph Medical Center

Bloomington, Illinois

Balance & Dizziness Center

The OSF Balance and Dizziness Center in Bloomington-Normal provides a team approach to the treatment and rehabilitation of balance disorders and dizziness.

Our patients have access to specially-trained audiologists and physical therapists who work closely together to identify the source of the dizziness or imbalance problem and implement the best treatment approach, customizing a treatment plan tailored to meet your specific needs.

Who Is It For?

Dizziness for some people might mean lightheadedness, for others it may signify unsteadiness or loss of balance. Others report a spinning sensation, often referred to as vertigo. The most common cause of dizziness is a vestibular disorder, or problem with the inner ear.

Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV) is the most common vestibular problem. Typically, patients report brief episodes of intense spinning with a change in position, usually lying down, looking up, or rolling over in bed. This form of dizziness is easily treated in one to two visits. Evaluation for other types of inner ear problems is also available.

What Does it Involve?

We offer the latest screening and diagnostic services, with the most advanced equipment for dizziness and balance issues, to our patients in McLean County and the surrounding areas.

  • Audiology Assessment - evaluates hearing, health, and function of the inner ear.
  • Videonystagmography (VNG/ENG) - a series of tests used to evaluate the vestibular system.
  • Computerized Dynamic Posturography - identifies and differentiates between sensory and motor system impairments that control balance by gently changing, or moving, a platform or the surrounding visual environment.
  • Physical Therapy - assesses and treats vestibular and balance disorders using the latest equipment and evidence-based techniques.

Preparing for Your Therapy

  • Please bring your photo ID and insurance card with you to your first appointment.
  • Wear loose, comfortable clothing.
  • Please arrive at least 10 minutes prior to your first appointment.
  • Initial evaluations will take up to 90 minutes.

Vestibular Questionnaire (PDF - 105.9 KB)

Hours & Contact

Day(s) Time(s)
Monday - Thursday 7 a.m. - 6 p.m.
Friday 7 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Talk to your doctor about a referral to OSF Rehabilitation Services. Please call (309) 661-6260 to schedule an evaluation with a therapist.

Failure to show up for two scheduled therapy sessions may result in discharge from our services.