OSF St. Joseph Medical Center

Bloomington, Illinois

The OSF Joint Replacement Center

The OSF Joint Replacement Center in Bloomington, Illinois, offers the expert care of a dedicated team specially trained in the care of hip and knee replacement patients. The center features private patient rooms as well as exercise, therapy, and dining areas.

Our staff, including physicians, nurses, nursing assistants, and physical and occupational therapists, has revolutionized the way patients receive elective knee and hip replacement through a group approach to care. The center incorporates fun into recuperation including education and exercise in a group format and giving patients and their families an opportunity to network with others in similar situations. The program focuses on a quick recovery and the return to an active lifestyle.

If you and your physician decide joint replacement surgery is necessary, you will be scheduled for a pre-operative class. The class is taught by a therapist, a case manager, and a registered nurse. Here you will learn what to expect during your hospital stay, begin to set your discharge goals, and meet fellow joint replacement patients who are also scheduled for surgery.

Patients who have knee or hip replacement at the OSF Joint Replacement Center are provided with the necessary discharge instructions and information, as well as exercises to make the transition from the hospital to home as seamless as possible.

Contact Information

For more information about the OSF Joint Replacement Center, please call 309-662-3311 ext. 3070.

Policy Change for Elective Joint Replacement Surgery

OSF HealthCare St. Joseph Medical Center cares deeply about the well-being of those we serve. In an effort to maximize a patient’s benefit from elective joint replacement surgery, and to decrease the risk of complications, OSF St. Joseph has implemented a new policy to ensure patients are in the best health possible before undergoing surgery. The policy, which went into effect October 16, 2017, is the result of research and work by a team focused on eliminating surgical site infections.

Research has shown that a number of health-related risks are associated with surgical infections. A person’s body mass index (BMI) has proven to be a significant risk factor for many complications. BMI-related complications include, but are not limited to, diabetes, respiratory ailments, malnutrition and thromboembolic disease. 

OSF St. Joseph will no longer accept referrals for elective joint replacement for patients with a BMI greater than or equal to 40. Instead, we are asking patients with a high BMI to complete a weight loss and health optimization program to reduce the risk of complications from surgery. Following a successful course of health optimization, OSF St. Joseph will be pleased to schedule their elective joint replacement procedure.

If you have questions regarding this new policy, please call the OSF Joint Replacement Center at (309) 662-3311 ext. 3070.