OSF St. Joseph Medical Center

Women Ages 40 and Below

OSF Women’s Services has put together checklist suggestions for women ages 40 and below.

When making your checklist, you should consult your doctor because each checklist will depend on your family history and lifestyle.

Although no two checklists will be alike, it is always important to have a list of your current medications.

You should also know the immunizations you and your family have received and make sure your current doctor’s office has a record of them.

If they do not, you can contact their local health department for guidance.

Suggested Checklist

  • Blood Pressure Test: Every two years
  • Cholesterol Screening: Every five years
  • Hearing Screening: Every 10 years
  • Pap Test: Every two years after age 21 and every three years after age 30 
  • Pelvic Exam: Every year 
  • Physical Exam: Every year 
  • Mammogram: Every year after age 40

Questions about your checklist?

Please contact your primary care provider.