OSF St. Joseph Medical Center

Her Heart

One in three women die from heart disease each year. That’s ten times more than breast cancer. Yet heart disease is often preventable, and a simple screening can help determine your risks.

A Woman’s Heart Health Screening Program

OSF St. Joseph Medical Center is leading the effort to beat heart disease in our community with a heart health screening program designed specifically for women. The Her Heart program features a simple series of screenings to identify women at risk of heart disease and help keep them healthy. It’s the first program of its type in the region, and provides a comprehensive assessment in a single appointment.

The good news is heart disease can often be prevented or treated if detected early. Your Her Heart appointment will consist of the following:

  • Cholesterol and blood glucose screening (with finger stick)
  • Waist measurement
  • Blood pressure assessment
  • Body composition testing
  • Personal wellness profile and evaluation of personal risk factors for heart disease
  • Consultation and education on your results
  • Recommendations to specialists (i.e. cardiologist, nutritionist, diabetes educator), if applicable.

With just one appointment, women can understand their risk for heart disease and take the first steps towards a healthier life. Monthly appointments are offered from 7 to 9 a.m. with a one-time fee of $40.

For More Information

To request additional information or to register for Her Heart, please contact the Center for Healthy Lifestyles at (309) 661-5153. Let’s beat women’s heart disease together...starting with you.