OSF St. Mary Medical Center

Galesburg, Illinois

Day Rehabilitation

Day Rehabilitation is an intensive, comprehensive outpatient rehabilitative program for patients who need intensive therapy and are otherwise able to recover at home.

Patient arrive at OSF St. Mary Medical Center Health and Rehabilitation Services in the morning for therapy, stay for lunch and receive therapy again in the afternoon. 

This program consists of coordination between PT, OT and ST as needed.

Benefits of Day Rehabilitation

Patients of all ages who are recovering from illness or injury when intensive therapy is indicated. Typical diagnoses include stroke, head injury, spinal cord injury, medically deconditioned and other neurological disorders.

Patients must be able to tolerate at least three hours of therapy per day. They must have transportation and adequate home support.

Patients should be alert and motivated. There must be reasonable expectation for the patient to improve with therapy.

How is Day Rehabilitation Different than Adult Daycare?

The goal of day rehabilitation is to improve or restore the patient's level of functioning. Day rehabilitation typically is three to four weeks in duration, then the intensity of therapy is reduced.

Adult day care provides supervision and socialization for loved ones but does not include intensive therapy services. Adult day care is a long term solution for the care of persons who require supervision.

Day rehabilitation is a shorter duration as the patient progresses to the point that they no longer require therapy services.

How do I get more information about Day Rehabilitation at OSF St. Mary?

Call OSF St. Mary Medical Center Health and Rehabilitation Services at (309) 344-9600 and request the Day Rehabilitation Intake Coordinator.