OSF St. Mary Medical Center

Galesburg, Illinois

Physical Therapy

exercise therapy Physical therapy services are designed to improve or restore physical functioning following disease, injury or loss of a body part.

Physical therapists conduct a thorough evaluation using medical history, review of body systems, physical examination, and a variety of evaluation methods. Identified impairments, functional limitations and disabilities are treated through a therapy plan tailored to the specific need of the individual patient.

When are physical therapy services indicated?

An individual may need physical therapy following surgery, injury, trauma, onset of neurological disorder, or onset of pain. Physical therapy services are frequently required following a stroke, brain injury, or cardiovascular disease.

Children may require physical therapy services to improve in development of gross motor skills including rolling, crawling, or walking.

What is the scope of physical therapy services at OSF St. Mary?

Individual inpatient and outpatient services are provided at our state-of-the art facility.  Physical therapy addresses limitations caused by pain and reduced range of motion, reduced strength, and decreased balance.

Limitations in walking, and/or work function are also areas of service. Common treatment interventions include: orthopedic, neurological and general rehabilitation exercises, modalities such as heat/cold/electrical stimulation, and ultrasound, manual therapy (including soft tissue and joint mobs, Myofascial release), vestibular/balance training, certified McKenzie management of spinal disorders, wound care, urinary incontinence and pelvic dysfunction and patient education regarding their deficits and self management.

How do I find out if I may benefit from physical therapy?

Call OSF St. Mary Medical Center Health and Rehabilitation Services at 309-344-9600 for more information or contact your physician. All patients must have a physician's referral to be treated by OSF St. Mary PT Staff.