OSF St. Mary Medical Center

Galesburg, Illinois

Surgical Suite

Surgery Teams of trained nurses staff the operating room (OR). The team is headed by your surgeon. A surgical assistant is also needed for most surgeries.

The surgical technician sets up the instruments needed for surgery and assists the surgeon. During surgery you will be cared for by a registered nurse (RN), who will ensure your safety and that sterile procedures are used.

SMMC_Surgery-6.jpg Surgical Suite Your anesthesia will be given by a certified registered nurse anesthetist (CRNA), under the direction of an anesthesiologist. The team watches over you constantly, and monitors your safety and well-being throughout the surgical procedure.


  • Your blood pressure will be taken by a wide velcro band will be placed on your arm that tightens during surgery.
  • Stickers placed on your chest will monitor your heartbeat.
  • A clip placed on your finger will measure the oxygen level in your blood.
  • The OR is much louder, brighter, and colder than your pre-op room, warm blankets will be provided to help keep you warm.