Sparking Interest In Health Care

Sign up for an OSF STEAM experience today!

Sparking Interest In Health Care

Sign up for an OSF STEAM experience today!

There are endless opportunities in health care. But not every child has the chance to explore the possibilities. We connect families and community organizations across the country to in-person classes, digital platforms and online activities to ensure no young person is left behind.

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Our OSF STEAM at Home program provides families on-demand kits that will open students' minds to different medical careers. Also available to community-based organizations, these kits include everything needed to complete a STEAM activity at home.

At-home lab kits | Grades 3 - 12

STEAM Activity Books and Kits

Order resources to engage your student or class in health careers.


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Anatomy Unveiled - On Demand

A free, video series exploring anatomy through AR Activities. Great resources for students and educators.

Cost: FREE

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An interactive, online platform offering free STEAM learning for students as well as resources for educators. K-5 is now available!

Cost: FREE!

Launch STEAM Stars
Microscopy: Seeing is believing

Explore the microscope, its individual parts and how it works. Then use the scientific tool to view microscopic specimens.

Cost: $125 (plus optional shipping)

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Biomedical engineering:
Don’t miss a beat

Delve into the inner workings of the heart by engineering, building and installing a mechanical pump into a simulated heart.

Cost: $40 (plus optional shipping)

Comparative Anatomy of Mysterious Sea Monsters

Explore the anatomy of a crab, lamprey sponge, squid and starfish!

Kit Cost: $40 (plus optional shipping)

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Home is where the heart is… and all of the other organs too!

Order a kit to dissect a brain, eyeball, heart, lung and kidney while learning how your body works.

Cost: $40 (plus optional shipping)

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Virtual Shark lab

Discover and identify the anatomical structures of a dogfish shark.

Cost: $30 (plus optional shipping)

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Unique LIVE experiences

What better way to understand what it’s like to be a surgeon performing an operation or a bioengineer printing a 3D model of stomach cancer than to be immersed in these activities?

Our OSF STEAM education specialists leverage our world-class simulated medical space to engage your students in these types of health care roles and more.

Anatomy Unveiled

Augmented Reality takes you inside the human body

Cost: FREE

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STEAM Summer Camp

Grades 6 - 12 | July 15 - 19

Half-day camp provides a pathway into the medical field through hands-on labs

Cost: $200 for a week of camp

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Unique in-person Nursing experiences

STEAM Nursing
Jump into Nursing!
9 - 12th Grade

Saturday, March 23 9 a.m. - 12 p.m.

Get a glimpse of nursing skills including vitals, airway management and hands-only CPR.

COST: $50

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Cultivate your child’s interest in STEAM and health care at home by downloading our step-by-step, “do it yourself” activities, following one of our video demonstrations or choosing from our suite of educational apps

Are you ready to give your student a head start in medicine?

Sign your child up for one of our many STEAM experiences by following the links above!

Email us with any questions you may have at events@jumpsimulation.org.

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