October 27, 2018
Peoria Civic Center

Expert Resources

Empowering. Entertaining. Enlightening.

Throughout the day, various experts will be on-hand at the OSF Lounge (located next to the OSF Exhibit) to answer your questions and help you take charge of your health and the wellness of those closest to you. Got a question? We have experts to help find the right answer for YOU!

10am – 12pm | Meet Dr. Sarah Zallek
Dr. Sarah Zallek is the medical director of the OSF Illinois Neurological Institute Sleep Center, part of the Illinois Neurological Institute at OSF HealthCare. She has developed a program to provide state-of-the-art care to sleep patients. Her experience in research and mentoring has advanced her field and given her unique insights that she enjoys sharing with the women in her community and around the world.

10am – 12pm | Meet Janna Reed
Jana is a certified nurse practitioner and expert in the field of osteoporosis management as OSF Illinois Neurological Institute. Jana established the first osteoporosis clinic in our area that helps patients manage their condition and their quality of life. Good bone health is the framework for good health, just ask Janna.

11am – 1pm | Meet Dr. Rayan Elkattah
Dr. Rayan Elkattah is an OBGYN specially trained in urology, gynecology, and minimally invasive surgeries. He’s dedicated to enhancing women’s health and quality of life by perfecting this procedure and medical research advancement has made him a true asset to Central Illinois.

12pm-2pm | Meet Jackie Bowers
Jackie manages Senior World care facility and is an expert on geriatric care & quality of life practices. Jackie co- developed and implemented for the Illinois Department of Public Health and Alzheimer’s Association Illinois Chapters Consortium on the training manual and guidelines for long term care facilities, “Dementia Care Training”.

1:30 – 2:30pm | Meet Sister Mikela
Sr. Mikela is an expert of the spirit. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing and an MBA in Healthcare Management. Sister Mikela held the position of President & CEO of Saint Anthony's Health Center and is currently the Executive Vice President at OSF Healthcare and Chief Ministry Officer. Her infectious energy and sincere appreciation for life helps her serve our community with the greatest care and love.

1pm – 2:30pm | Meet Melissa White
Melissa is an OSF Physical Therapist that specializes in pelvic health and strength, a key part of women’s health. Melissa’s expertise in proper pelvic health and strength helps her patients recover from surgeries, strokes, cancer treatments and sometimes avoid advanced medical intervention all together.

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