Autism Services

(309) 681-6960 – Medical Diagnostics
(309) 655-6961 – Rehabilitation

Medical Diagnostics and Treatment

The Division of Child Development and Rehabilitation at OSF Children’s Hospital provides comprehensive medical evaluation and diagnostic services and ongoing treatment of children with autism, including therapy plans, school recommendations and medication management.

Speech-Language Therapy

Pediatric speech and feeding therapy supports oral motor, feeding and communication skill development in everyday activities.

Speech therapy evaluation and treatment focuses on:

  • Communication: including sign language, picture cards and communication devices)

  • Receptive language: your child’s ability to process and understand information

  • Expressive language: the production of words, phrases and sentences)

  • Speech: production of speech sounds as well as the coordination of the muscles needed to make sounds)

Speech therapists at OSF Children’s Hospital also specialize in the evaluation and treatment of feeding and swallowing disorders.

Occupational Therapy

Pediatric occupational therapy supports motor and sensory development for integration into functional life skills. 

Occupational therapy evaluation and treatment focuses on:

  • Motor planning

  • Sensory processing disorders

  • Uncoordinated fine or gross motor development

  • Social skills including play and independent living skills

  • Aquatic therapy

Physical Therapy

Pediatric physical therapy supports functional movement and mobility. 

Physical therapy evaluation and treatment focused on:

  • Gross motor impairments including walking, running, climbing stairs

  • Balance and coordination challenges

  • Functional mobility for independence

  • Aquatic therapy

Visit OSF Rehabilitation for additional information about therapy services provided at OSF Children’s Hospital.

Division of Child Psychiatry

We provide diagnostic evaluation and ongoing pharmacotherapy management of children with complex cases of autism, including children who have additional psychiatric disorders.

Division of Psychology and Behavioral Health

We provide evaluation and counseling for emotional, behavioral and developmental problems of children with autism.