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Digital Health

The Future of Health Care Today

We’re leveraging tools, technology and decades of experience to transform today’s health care landscape.

Simplifying Digital Health

Digital health can seem complex and confusing. Fact is, like many things in today's world, it is simply leveraging technology to provide expanded care to more people cost effectively.

The Six Characteristics of Digital Health

Misconceptions about digital health, how it works and the costs associated with adoption can lead to usage hesitation and possibly mistrust.

Driving Health Care Change: Tech Companies or Providers?

Large and small, technology companies are disrupting traditional industries.

Leveraging the Benefits of Digital Health

Patients demand greater accessibility to health care on their schedule. Providers look to grow and provide personalized care to all. Both are real and challenging.


Remote Patient Monitoring Improves Results and Outcomes

The proven benefits of remote patient monitoring can help employers maintain a healthy workforce, boost productivity and control costs.

How Remote Monitoring of Chronic Conditions Can Help Your Business

Around-the-clock chronic disease management support can improve employee health, lower costs and increase productivity.

How Virtual Urgent Care Can Help Your Business

The right care at the right time can lead to lower costs, improved outcomes and employee satisfaction.

Using Remote Patient Monitoring to Improve Employee Health and Wellness

How Remote Patient Monitoring can be worked into your company's employee health and wellness program.

Selling Virtual Urgent Care to Employers

How to help your clients understand the unique benefits of virtual urgent care.

The Real-World Benefits of Virtual Urgent Care

By streamlining the patient experience, virtual visits provide benefits for employees and employers alike.

How Virtual Hospitalists Benefit Patients and Providers

After-hours remote support enhances care, improves satisfaction and helps control costs.


Virtual Intensive Care Improves Results and Outcomes

How OSF OnCall helped one small hospital scale its resources and improve results.

Nurse Triage Provides Compassion and Timely Advice

Nurse Triage by OSF OnCall ensures the right resources are allocated at the right time, benefiting patients, providers and employers.

Virtual Hospitalist Coverage Strengthens Rural Hospitals

How five small hospitals improved patient care through after-hours remote support.

Office Answering Service Improves Efficiencies and Patient Outcomes

How OSF OnCall helps physician offices improve efficiencies and productivity while enhancing the patient experience.

How Your Hospital Can Benefit from Virtual Intensive Care

Virtual services help address the shortage of critical care resources while significantly improving patient outcomes.

Maximize Your Practice Resources with an Answering Service

Increase office productivity, enhance patient relations and improve health outcomes with OSF OnCall.