Why We Innovate

How Can We Embrace Change and Create Better Value for Our Patients?

In 1877, The Sisters of the Third Order of St. Francis began serving their communities with compassion and humility, unafraid of taking on the hardest challenges to provide care to all those who needed it. The same is true today. The rapid change of health care along with emerging technological and scientific advances have only spurred the Sisters to examine how we can leverage these developments for the benefit of our patients.

As a result, OSF HealthCare launched OSF Innovation as a means to embrace change and take on the largest health care challenges.

What We Are Exploring

As innovation has evolved at OSF HealthCare over the years, we realized the need to become more focused on efforts that align with our Mission and strategic goals.

We looked at the challenges patients, providers and businesses face in health care today. What do we need to change to improve outcomes and make health care safer, more accessible and more affordable? What are the initiatives we believe will bring the greatest value to our communities and the world?

We defined five areas that will encompass all of our innovation efforts. These areas guide our investments and activities in innovation.

Big Data and the Internet of Medical Things

Community Health and Social Determinants of Health

Genomics and Precision Medicine

Next Generation Primary Care

Radical Efficiency

How We Innovate

Innovation can be as ambitious as transforming how our communities receive care and as targeted as a small refinement in our waiting rooms. We need innovations both large and small to reinvent health care to meet the needs of our communities.

Our Innovation Partners

We understand the value of fresh perspectives, and seek to work with innovators outside our walls. OSF partners with start-ups, corporations, universities and other hospitals to maximize their solutions using its existing assets.