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Bringing precision medicine to the forefront of care

There are a number of medical drugs that are difficult to dose for hospital systems around the world, causing adverse consequences if not given properly. These include chemotherapy for children, some medications used to treat infections and many others. OSF Ventures, a part of OSF Innovation, last year invested in a San Francisco company working […]

Caring for those with the greatest needs

Hospital systems around the world share a common problem: a repetitive cycle of readmissions by certain patients. Research indicates there are a variety of reasons some people end up returning to the hospital following discharge including health complications and type of insurance. Then there are reasons that tend to impact vulnerable populations such as homelessness, […]

Making the complex simple

As part of the Performance Improvement (PI) team, it’s our role to come up with simple solutions to improve the way care is delivered within our facilities. We’ve traditionally achieved this by gathering information from subject matter experts on projects over a period of months until we had enough data to craft new processes we […]

Building tools to turn health care data into actionable insights

Collecting and using data to gain insights into care processes and the patients we serve is still relatively new in the health care industry. Whereas other types of businesses have been doing this for years to better understand their customers’ wants and needs. With that, health care systems have had to devise strategies around the […]

How core innovation enhanced pharmacy services

To ensure OSF HealthCare is serving all patients with the greatest care and love, we must continually evaluate how we operate clinically and non-clinically across the organization and make certain that all of our facilities are providing the same type of quality care, no matter where they are located. Performance Improvement, a part of OSF […]