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Long heart journey encourages others to keep faith

Thirty years. That’s how long Christine Bathe was unaware that she had a heart condition. In 1992, Christine Bathe, 30 at the time, was working as an Intensive Care Unit nurse at OSF HealthCare St. Joseph Medical Center in Bloomington, Illinois. “I started having severe pain in my upper back,” Christine said. “But I thought […]

Young stroke survivor advocates for a stress-free life

It’s a known fact that stress isn’t a good thing. It can cause many side effects, like frequent headaches, trouble sleeping or changes in someone’s mood. But did you know it can cause more serious problems, too, like a stroke? Tiffany Hinthorne, of El Paso, Illinois, found that out the hard way when she started […]

Adult congenital heart patient finds the right care

Born in Tunisia, Africa, Maram Chaabane started consistently getting sick around 3 years old. Every doctor told Maram’s parents that she had the flu – even in the middle of the summer. The doctors would prescribe antibiotics, but nothing seemed to help. “Finally, a family doctor mentioned my heart and told my parents to take […]

Knowing family history can help with heart disease

Rebecca Hansen of Dunlap, Illinois, did everything right to stay heart healthy. She worked out five times a week, ate a nutritious diet and went to regular checkups with her doctor. With a strong family history of heart disease, she knew she was still susceptible to heart-related conditions – a fact she never wanted to […]