Thank you for attending the 8th Annual Health Care Enginerring Systems Symposium hosted virtually on October 15, 2021. 

This year’s symposium featured the latest updates on research funded by the Jump ARCHES endowment as well as demos of new technology. Participants got the chance to network with others who are passionate about the transformation of health care and learned more about applying for Jump ARCHES funding. 

We were also excited to feature a Social & Behavioral Health for a two-hour session hosted by Dr. Brent Roberts, director of the Center for Social and Behavioral Science at UIUC.

If you attended the symposium live, please take a moment to help us improve future offerings.

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2021 Poster Presentation

  • Intracranial Aneurysm Segmentation Using Multi-Teacher Pseudo-Labels – 0:05
    Presented by Haichao Yu
  • Preoperative Surgical Planning via Patient-specific, Tough and Anti-drying hydrogel-based Cardiac Mimic – 3:00
    Presented by Joanne Hwang
  • Toward Automated Diagnosis and 3D Representation of SEEG Clinical Data – 6:04 
    Presented by Brad Sutton
  • Pediatric Sepsis Guidance System – 10:38
    Presented by Jonathan Gehlbach
  • Study Group Learning: Improving Retinal Vessel Segmentation Trained with Noisy Labels – 15:40
    Presented by Yuqian Zhou