Whether possibilities are generated by an OSF team, a new startup or a combination, we provide the testing and piloting capabilities to refine promising solutions.

We Improve Upon What We’re Doing Today

We apply incremental changes to existing processes and functions, and leverage processes and functions we do well into the newest innovation spaces. Our Performance Improvement division provides strategic expertise with identifying and implementing these innovation opportunities.

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A Culture for Innovation and Learning

We provide a work environment that is healthy, flexible, high-performing and highly collaborative. Whether in our innovation space at Jump, which offers a collaborative work environment for our office-based Mission Partners, or one of our simulation spaces for clinical exploration and learning, we have intentionally created settings that foster innovation and learning.

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We Leverage New Insights

Clinicians on the front lines of health care many times have a multitude of ideas to improve health care, whether it be predictive modeling for early detection of certain events or how to ensure patient access and wellness. Tapping into new technologies and data allows us to accurately provide the support our ideas need to become a reality.

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