How might we envision 3D modeling technologies to provide insight into future models of care?

The Advanced Imaging and Modeling Lab leverages its 3D modeling expertise to improve surgical outcomes for those with congenital heart disease and various types of cancer.

A team of OSF HealthCare surgeons requested a specialized 3D model to pre-plan a complex surgery on a patient whose cancer spread to his liver. The Advanced Imaging and Modeling Lab reached out to an unlikely partner for help. 

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To use 3D printing or virtual reality in pre-surgical planning, the Advanced Imaging and Modeling (AIM) Lab has perfected its process of converting patient specific medical images (CT, MRI) into segmented anatomy that is relevant to the medical decision making pathway.


AIM Segmentation Service

Whether it’s developing a new type of medical device or 3D printing a portion of human anatomy, innovation in the health care space would be nearly impossible if we only looked inwardly for answers to complex problems. That’s why we, at OSF HealthCare, form partnerships with divergent groups such as academic institutions, technology firms, engineers and other disciplines to bring some of our ideas to fruition.


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Advanced Imaging and Modeling Lab

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