Partnering with Mission Partners to bring their innovative health care solutions to life.  

Developing ideas to improve or transform health care is easy. Turning those ideas into tangible products and services that can make a difference for the people we serve and other health care systems is not. That’s why we help our Mission Partners bring their solutions to life.

The OSF Innovation Studio, a part of OSF Innovation, is designed to help OSF HealthCare Mission Partners rapidly advance their ideas from exploration to implementation or commercialization within and outside of the organization.

The OSF Innovation Studio helps Mission Partners create, grow or scale their health care solutions at any stage.

  • Discover solutions: The OSF Innovation Studio pursues and evaluates innovative concepts that align with the OSF HealthCare strategy, OSF Innovation focus areas as well as the everyday experiences our Mission Partners face on the front lines of care and operations.
  • Source ideas: The OSF Innovation Studio has the resources to support the advancement of viable opportunities and possesses the expertise to protect intellectual property.  
  • Develop ideas: The OSF Innovation Studio can bring Mission Partners’ novel ideas to market, and collaborates with established startup studios to execute on that imperative more effectively.

The OSF Innovation Studio helps bring health care solutions to life that will make a difference for patients everywhere.

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