OSF HealthCare Introduces Urodynamic Testing in the Ottawa Area

6/23/2022 - Ottawa, Illinois

Incontinence can be a major inconvenience for women age 30 and older. That’s why OSF Medical Group – Obstetrics & Gynecology in Ottawa is now offering Urodynamic testing, a series of in-clinic tests to determine bladder and urethra function in women experiencing incontinence.

“This testing provides us with a good picture of what’s going on with the patient,” says Kayla Simons, APRN, a family nurse practitioner for OSF HealthCare. “It’s a snapshot of what the bladder is doing; whether it’s an overactive bladder or spasms. This testing can mimic what is happening to the patient at home or as they go about their day.”

These Urodynamic studies test how well the bladder, sphincters, and urethra hold and release urine. The tests can show how well the bladder works and why the patient experiences leakage. The testing takes about 30 minutes to complete and is easy and pain free. 

“The benefit to the patient is we now offer this testing locally to help determine why they’re having certain bladder issues,” says Simons. “In the past, local patients would have to drive to Peoria to receive this type of testing.”

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), urinary incontinence affects twice as many women as men because of reproductive events such as pregnancy, childbirth, and menopause, which affect the bladder, urethra, and other muscles that support these organs. Urinary incontinence can happen to women at any age, but it is more common in older women mostly due to hormonal changes during menopause. More than four in 10 women 65 and older have urinary incontinence.

“Incontinence can be a frustrating and expensive health issue,” says Simons. “Women can become self-conscience, especially when they’re out in public, like at a grocery store. I commonly hear women say they assume their only solution is to wear liners. Treatment options weren’t always as available. Now, we’re getting to the root of the problem, which can help improve the patients’ quality of life.”

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Paul Arco
Media Relations Coordinator
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