OSF Cardiovascular Institute Welcomes New Provider

3/16/2022 - Ottawa, Illinois

  • Deirdre

    Deirdre Casagrande, APRN

OSF HealthCare Cardiovascular Institute in Ottawa is pleased to welcome Deirdre Casagrande, APRN, to its staff.

Deirdre has over 27 years of experience and received her medical education from Purdue University in Calumet, Indiana.  Her specialty is also a labor of love.  Deirdre has several family members with cardiovascular disease.  She hopes that she can help family, friends, and others live long, full lives by providing quality care and education.                                 

Casagrande joins the cardiology team at 1050 E. Norris Drive, Ste.1B, Ottawa, Illinois.  Appointments can be made by calling Ottawa at (815) 434-0276.  She will also be seeing OSF Cardiovascular Institute patients at 925 West Street, Peru, Illinois, phone (815) 780-3424 and 600 E 1st St, Spring Valley, Illinois, call (814) 664-1151 for an appointment.



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