Proactive Care at OSF HealthCare leads to fast diagnosis and treatment for hernia patient

1/25/2023 - Rockford, Illinois

  • Cindy Dennis, 71, Roscoe, Illinois

    Cindy Dennis, 71, Roscoe, Illinois

  • Marcus Adair, MD, OSF Medical Group - Surgery

    Marcus Adair, MD, OSF Medical Group - Surgery

Cindy Dennis, 71, Roscoe, Illinois Marcus Adair, MD, OSF Medical Group - Surgery

Cindy Dennis, 71, of Roscoe, Illinois, recently was diagnosed and treated for an epigastric hernia at OSF HealthCare Saint Anthony Medical Center.

“I had this bump in my upper abdomen,” Cindy said. “I would have some discomfort when I ate. I hoped it would just go away, but I made an appointment with my primary care doctor any way.”

A hernia is a medical condition that can affect both men and women of all ages.

A scan confirmed that Cindy did indeed have a hernia. She was referred to OSF Medical Group – Surgery in Rockford to see general surgeon Marcus Adair, MD.

“Dr. Adair has a calming presence and he was very thorough explaining what was going to take place when I received surgical treatment for the hernia,” Cindy said.

Cindy had to postpone the surgery when a separate health issue came up. When it finally came time for the hernia repair surgery, Cindy was very impressed with Dr. Adair’s involvement in all areas of her health care.

“I saw Dr. Adair a few times while waiting to be cleared again for the hernia surgery,” Cindy said. “I was so impressed that he was up-to-date on the treatment for my other health concern that was taking precedence over the hernia surgery. It made me feel like I was in great hands, and that Dr. Adair cared about me more than just as a patient, but as a human being.”

Cindy felt very at ease on the day of the hernia repair surgery.

“Every single person I came in contact with that day – from nurses, to Dr. Adair, to those in the surgery room at OSF – were a ‘good time,’” she said. “They make you feel very comfortable, explain everything that will take place, and, the best part, there was laughter and jokes had all around to make you almost forget the nerves surrounding surgery.”

Dr. Adair performed a minimally invasive procedure using the da Vinci Surgical System.

“Using the da Vinci technology we are able to perform hernia surgery using small incisions,” Dr. Adair said. “This technology allows me to see anatomy better, but it is also a huge benefit to our patients. In most cases, including Cindy’s, the patients are able to go home the same day after this procedure. They also only have very small incisions, which leads to less pain and narcotic use, as well as faster healing to get back to work and every day life. In the past, this type of surgery could have someone in the hospital for three to five days. The da Vinci technology has so many pros for our patients.”

Cindy saw Dr. Adair for her follow-up a few weeks later and was very happy with her results.

“The bump is gone and I no longer have any discomfort,” she said. “My advice for anyone experiencing similar things is to not put it off. It was a great experience and I am very happy I chose OSF HealthCare and Dr. Adair.”

“My biggest advice for any one is to find a primary care provider, get your yearly scans and preventive exams,” Dr. Adair said. “Be in tune with your body. If something doesn’t feel right, go to your doctor. When it comes to hernias, many don’t need surgical treatment right away. If you are having any sort of discomfort whether it be a bulge, pain, an increased fullness or stretching sensation when you eat, or notice the bulge getting larger, that is when we recommend surgery so it doesn’t lead to further, more emergent complications down the road. Just be proactive with your health and we are always here to help assist you if that time comes.”