OSF HealthCare Saint Anthony Medical Center Promotes Fire Safety Before Holiday Weekend

6/27/2022 - Rockford, Illinois

The Fourth of July is just around the corner, and OSF Healthcare Saint Anthony Medical Center doctors want the community to keep in mind fire safety to prevent burn injuries this holiday weekend.

“These are injuries that we see and they are all preventable," says Dr. Stathis Poulakidas, Burn Center Medical Director at OSF HealthCare Saint Anthony Medical Center. "Make sure you exercise caution around flammable things that can cause harm to you or your family members. A little ounce of prevention does go a long way to keep everyone safe and out of the hospital and from injuries."

When lighting a bonfire or grill, don’t use things like gasoline to start fires. While most fireworks are illegal in the state of Illinois, that doesn’t mean injuries aren’t happening.

“About a quarter of all ER visits are due to legal fireworks in the state of Illinois,” said Dr. Poulakidas. “Sparklers, for instance, can be relatively dangerous if used inappropriately: given to children who are too young to handle them, or lit in a way that they shouldn’t be. Never light a firework in your hand, obviously that can explode unexpectedly, quickly and you can get blast injuries to the hand or burn injuries to the hand, face or other areas of your body, especially if your clothes, which are flammable, catch on fire.”

When using sparklers or other legal fireworks to always have a hose or bucket of water nearby, do so in a wide, open area, and to make sure young children are kept at a safe distance. Lastly, while the holidays can be a cause for celebration, experts recommend celebrating responsibly, especially if fire is involved.

"Intoxication does play a significant role in poor decision making,” said Dr. Poulakidas. “So, avoiding that at all costs is probably your best opportunity for a good chance of preventing injuries. That being said, using gasoline and other accelerants to light your fires, trash, bonfires, etcetera really isn't safe and I would actually try disposing of it appropriately - or lighting your fire more safely with different types of materials that are out there commercially."

The Burn Unit at OSF Saint Anthony is the only one serving the greater Rockford area and is one of five in the state of Illinois. Learn more: https://www.osfhealthcare.org/saint-anthony/services/burn-unit/