OSF HealthCare Saint Elizabeth Announces Cynthia Sanderson Sunflower Award Winner

7/25/2023 - Ottawa, Illinois

  • Sunflower

    Cynthia Sanderson

OSF HealthCare Saint Elizabeth Medical Center is pleased to announce that the Sunflower Award was recently presented to Cynthia Sanderson, clinical laboratory scientist from the OSF Saint Elizabeth Medical Center lab department. Cynthia has been with OSF HealthCare for 30 years and resides in Ottawa, IL.

"The Sunflower Award recognizes care team members outside of nursing for the extraordinary care they provide to those we serve, and Cynthia is certainly deserving," said Heather Bomstad, vice president/chief nursing officer for OSF Saint Elizabeth Medical Center.

Sanderson's nomination included, "On many occasions, Cynthia Sanderson would take care of a patient by testing the patient's blood samples and preparing the needed blood products for an outpatient infusion. The lab works behind the scenes and may not see the patient face to face as the patient has left our hospital. One evening, Cynthia noticed this patient was admitted to the med/surg unit. Cynthia wanted to connect with the patient, so she went to see if the patient would mind a short visit from her. The patient and the patient's daughter were receptive to having a visitor and Cynthia explained who she was. Cynthia asked the patient if they could pray together and stated that after praying with the patient, the patient was appreciative and felt at ease."

OSF HealthCare encourages patients, family members, and fellow staff to recognize caregivers who have provided exceptional care and service by nominating them for an award to honor their dedication. For more information about the DAISY and Sunflower Awards or to submit a nomination, visit: https://www.osfhealthcare.org/saint-paul/guest/thank-caregiver/



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