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Keara Wright (Headshot)

Keara Wright has always felt like nursing chose her. And as a nurse manager in the Adult Medical Specialty Unit (AMSU) at OSF HealthCare Saint Francis Medical Center, she also feels like being a leader chose her, too.

She began her nursing career on the east coast. But when her family moved to Bloomington, Illinois, she wanted to work for an organization respected by the community. She discovered OSF HealthCare.

“As a bedside nurse, I became passionate about removing barriers for nurses and finding creative ways to support them doing what they do best – taking care of the sick,” Keara said. “I found myself challenging processes and demanding that leaders hear my voice. Before I knew it, I was a charge nurse, then supervisor and then nurse manager.”

Challenges of management

Nursing managers face many challenges, including a multi-generational workforce, the business side of health care, ethics and stiff competition for talent. Keara keeps her focus simple.

“My number one goal as a leader is to support nurses in their chaotic work environment by improving processes and removing barriers,” Keara said.

Her method for achieving this goal is equally simple.

“Presence. As a leader, I am passionate about understanding the processes and barriers Mission Partners experience on a daily basis,” Keara said. “The only way to achieve this goal is to get out there with the frontline staff and talk to them. Their ideas are endless.”

Working for AMSU

After interviewing with a panel of nurses from AMSU, Keara knew this was where she wanted to be.

“During the interview, one of the Mission Partners looked me in the eyes and said, ‘We are a team on AMSU. We all work together and our current manager listens to our voice. Will you?’ I was floored,” Keara said. “I was so impressed that the Mission Partners wanted to not only work alongside of me as their leader, but would challenge me to do the same and shared their expectations with me. This was exactly what I was looking for.”

In one year, Keara has reduced turnover and increased recruitment in the AMSU.

“Being a nurse is scary and new nurses are fragile. The AMSU team will support you as you begin your career or enhance your career,” Keara said. “Our experienced nurses stay on AMSU because they take pride mentoring nurses and are provided with endless opportunities to achieve their goals.”

Even when one of Keara’s nurses moves on, she is full of pride.

“We celebrate nursing growth, new career opportunities and each year you are an AMSU RN,” Keara said. “A nurse can expect me to help them achieve their goals even if they don’t involve staying on AMSU. We take pride in seeing our nurses find the perfect career opportunities and state, ‘that is an AMSU-raised nurse.’”

She loves the endless opportunities within OSF HealthCare.

“I tell all new nurses to hold on tight. Nursing is a journey. You will laugh, cry and make long-lasting friendships with your peers, so choose a department that you feel connected with,” Keara said. “Always go with your gut and remember nursing chose you.”

To learn more about a nursing career at OSF HealthCare, visit osfcareers.org/nursing.

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David Pruitt is a writer for the Marketing & Communications division of OSF HealthCare. He has a bachelor’s of journalism from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville and worked as a reporter before joining OSF HealthCare in 2014.

An avid golfer and fisherman, David was born and raised Alton, Illinois, which is where he currently resides with his son, James.

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