Can you spot the home oxygen safety hazards?

Home oxygen therapy is extremely effective, but portable medical oxygen tanks and oxygen concentrators add an increased risk in the home, particularly for fire. That’s because fire needs oxygen to burn, and any material that catches fire will burn much more quickly due to the increased levels of pure oxygen.

Patients who use home oxygen therapy are trained on the safety dos and don’ts. But patients aren’t the only ones affected. Visiting family and friends, neighbors and emergency first responders can all be harmed around home oxygen therapy – and those same people may inadvertently introduce risk.

The best way to stay safe is for everyone to be aware when around home oxygen equipment.

There are 10 safety hazards hidden in this 360 photo. Can you spot them all? Click and drag to search the whole room. For a better view, click on the box in the bottom right corner to expand.




Did you find all 10 safety hazards?