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Creating a Patient-Centered Experience

As health care entities look to transform the way they deliver care, improving patient experience has become a top priority in the industry. This means finding different ways to include patients in the decision-making process. Clinicians are forming relationships with their patients to better understand their wishes. They are taking the time to educate their […]

Implementing New Health Care Solutions Faster

As many leaders in the health care industry know, finding health care solutions to meet our strategic needs is not a problem. There are hundreds, if not thousands of entrepreneurs and startup companies with ideas to revolutionize care. The challenge is quickly adopting these solutions after they’ve been selected. Most traditional health care systems operate […]

OSF HealthCare Nourishing Innovative Ideas

I am a practicing physical therapist within OSF HealthCare. It was about five years ago, I came up with an innovative idea to improve outcomes for patients with lower back pain. Physical therapists spend much of their time performing manual therapy techniques to the spine to facilitate pain reduction, improve range of motion and promote […]