Just a Call Away: Communication Specialists

OSF St. Joseph Medical Center Communication SpecialistsYou used to know them as the switchboard operators when they were still connecting phone lines with wires. But with some new changes, they are now the communication specialists. You’ve heard their voices overhead, and they are here 24/7, but we hardly see them.

“I used to think, how hard can it be to answer a phone and announce a code blue or red?” said Mike Galletti, director of protective services. “I have come to understand it is much more than that.”

So, who are these communication specialists and what do they do? We sat down with Mike and Cory Robson, Communication Center coordinator, to find out more.

The Team

The communication specialists are made up of a group of seven hardworking individuals, Communication Center coordinator, three full-time communication specialists, and three part-time communication specialists.

Because they are often the first OSF St. Joseph staff member patients and visitors talk to when asking for information, they provide a first impression of us. They understand customer service and deliver the service we often take for granted. We can always count on them to be polite and have exceptional phone etiquette.

Communication specialist, Stephanie Celletti, said, “As communication specialists, it is important to have people skills, proficient multi-tasking skills, and be able to go from one task to another very quickly, all while remaining calm. These are characteristics and skills that we feel the entire Communication Center team embodies.”

Daily Duties

The communication specialists are our integrated defense in matters of security. They monitor the hospital and its safety systems and follow precise protocol when calling codes and alerting us to danger or a need for immediate intervention.

They are multi-tasking experts! The communication specialists handle data entry and retrieval, juggle numerous calls, and are still able to listen for an alarm, any number of codes, and alerts from the numerous system displays in their work space. They handle on-call physician schedules, connect patients to their family and friends and physicians to staff.

Not only are the communication specialists constantly busy, but they have recently survived a transfer to a new supervisor and a physical move from the old “switchboard” to the new “communication center.” This entails learning a new phone program and a complete software change.

The Reward

As challenging as their responsibilities are, the communication specialists love coming to work every day to perform their best! Cory said his favorite part about his job is the people he works with and multitasking all of the daily challenges. He also mentioned the new coffee pot is a wonderful perk as well!

Stephanie says she enjoys coming to work and learning new things. With the current changes, Stephanie had the opportunity to learn the new phone and software program, which she said was challenging; but, she is happy the department was able to redefine themselves as communication specialists.

Communication specialists are one of the many employees at OSF St. Joseph Medical Center who make a difference every day. If you would like to pursue a rewarding career with an organization that offers excellent employee benefits, compensation, and a supportive work environment, visit www.osfcareers.org.

Last Updated: February 15, 2018

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