OSF Heart Surgery Patient Turns Volunteer

OSF Cardiac Surgery Patient Turns VolunteerKen Masuda of Chenoa, Ill., had a four vessel coronary artery bypass on October 31, 2013, at OSF St. Joseph Medical Center. Prior to his surgery, Ken was a healthy 74-year-old who exercised every day, and ran many Hawaii marathons between his early forties and mid-sixties.

He had no prior history of heart issues, but his father passed away from heart disease.

Ken experienced five minutes of mild chest pain while watching a movie in a movie theater. He assumed it was nothing, but contacted his primary care physician at OSF Medical Group – Chenoa just to be safe. An EKG showed a new and old infarct.

Setting the standard in heart care

A nuclear stress test was done at OSF Saint James – John W. Albrecht Medical Center in Pontiac by HeartCare Midwest doctors, where further heart damage was discovered.

Ken had a cardiac catheterization (a medical procedure used to diagnose and treat heart conditions) at OSF St. Joseph Medical Center by HeartCare Midwest cardiologist, Dr. Yogesh Agarwal. During this procedure, Dr. Agarwal identified blockage.

Ken’s coronary artery bypass was scheduled for Halloween day with Dr. Jesse VanLe, Cardiothoracic Surgeon with HeartCare Midwest at OSF St. Joseph Medical Center.

“I had a lot of apprehension and anxiety about the surgery,” said Ken. “But Dr. VanLe answered all my questions in a very empathetic way. Because of his support and reassurance, I knew I would do well.”

Getting you home quicker

After the surgery, Ken received OSF Home Health and completed Cardiac Rehabilitation at OSF Saint James. But Ken wanted to do more.

Ken is now a Patient Advocate Volunteer at OSF St. Joseph, where he visits with patients who are getting ready to have surgery. He sits and listens to their concerns. “I can understand their situation, because I was there,” said Ken.

Ken continues to live an active life by walking every day, and eating a heart-healthy diet. He also attributes his continued recovery to volunteering. “The volunteers and patients at OSF St. Joseph are the greatest support group,” said Ken. “I get better, and they get better.”

“I will never forget my nurses, because they treated me so well,” said Ken. “To this day, I go back and thank them for their excellent care, because without them, I would not be here today.”

One heart surgery at a time

At OSF St. Joseph Medical Center, we are at the heart of innovation and excellence in cardiovascular surgery.

When patients come to OSF St. Joseph for their heart surgery, they have shorter stays, less complications, and better outcomes. This means our patients get back to their lives and the people they love quicker.

You have a choice. Choose the hospital that continues to set the standard in heart care. One heart surgery at a time.

Last Updated: January 28, 2021

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