OSF OnCall Brings Nighttime Relief to Rockford Resident

Kim Kaufman, of Rockford, was going on day three with severe congestion and drainage. She tried different homeopathic options and over-the-counter medicines to help with the symptoms, but nothing seemed to provide any relief.

Kim, a mediation specialist, suspected she had a sinus infection. The Sunday after Thanksgiving, she woke up at 2 a.m. feeling miserable and said “enough is enough.”

“At that point, I knew I was just going to get worse and wanted to do something about it right then and there,” Kim said.

She started searching on the internet for the nearest 24-hour urgent care. That’s when she discovered OSF OnCall – an around-the-clock online urgent care clinic.

Not Just For OSF Patients

Kim was a patient with OSF HealthCare over 10 years ago, but isn’t currently. But with OSF OnCall, you don’t have to be an OSF patient to use the service.

She clicked the link, entered brief details about her condition and health history and within five minutes a provider called her back. The provider asked if Kim wanted to do a video conference for the appointment, and she opted to do FaceTime.

After asking questions and reviewing her symptoms, the provider concluded that she did indeed have a sinus infection. She called a prescription in to Kim’s pharmacy for an antibiotic that she was able to pick up the next morning.

Comprehensive Care From Home

“I was amazed at how thorough the provider was with asking questions and providing suggestions for over-the-counter medications that would help with symptom relief while the antibiotic was kicking in,” she said. “Turns out, I was taking the wrong over-the-counter medications for my congestion.”

Kim also appreciated the follow-up email that was sent to her with everything the provider and she discussed during the appointment. “I was a little foggy when talking to the provider, so the follow-up email was so helpful to refer back to.”

“I keep telling all my friends about it,” she said. “Why wouldn’t you want to get care from the comfort of your own home when you are feeling miserable? It was amazing and I would recommend it to anyone.”