OSF OnCall – Private, Convenient, Fast.

Vicki Weatherington, of Peoria, is a big fan of OSF OnCall. She and her family use the service quite often for the convenience. Vicki, an OSF ConstantCare nurse, has been in nursing for over 26 years and knows when she sees quality medical care.

“Being a nurse, family and friends call you when they are sick asking what to do for this sickness or that sickness,” Vicki said. “Often times, I just refer them to OSF OnCall because I know they will receive the care they need.”

Care from the comfort of home

The most recent time she used OSF OnCall was in December 2016. Vicki came down with an upper-respiratory illness, including a cough, aches and pains.

She visited the OSF OnCall website, requested an appointment via FaceTime and a provider called her back within 15 minutes to begin their appointment together.

“I was feeling really miserable. It was bitter cold that day and didn’t want to have to get ready and drive to the nearest urgent care or wait to be seen by a doctor,” Vicki said.

What Vicki likes the most about OSF OnCall is the fact that the provider will tell you right away if they can treat your condition or not. If they can’t treat you, you won’t be charged.

“After the provider assessed me and asked a number of questions, she advised me to see an in-office provider. So, I was not charged.”

Vicki’s son also uses the OSF OnCall service while away at college.

“It’s scary not being there when your child is sick,” she said. “I’m used to being able to help him when he needs medical care. When he uses OSF OnCall, I know he can be seen quickly and be treated by quality doctors or nurse practitioners. And that makes me feel better.”