OSF OnCall provides a convenient ending to a family road trip

Chelsey Rodgers of Kewanee and her family were on their way back home from a fun trip to the Wisconsin Dells. Chelsey, her husband, Curtis, and their two girls, Carston, 4, and Charlee, 7 months, were visiting Chelsey’s sister.

Over the last 24 hours, one of Charlee’s eyes had started to get red, puffy and gunky – classic signs of pink eye. As they were driving, Chelsey noticed the eye getting worse.

“I thought we could make it back home to see a doctor, but didn’t want to chance it being something pretty bad,” explained Chelsey.

Affordable care

That’s when she decided to use OSF OnCall – an online urgent care service. “Many of my coworkers have used it before and had nothing but wonderful things to say about it,” Chelsey said. “I thought it would be worth the $35 to see if there was something we could do for her instead of paying the $160 copay for an emergency room visit.”

Chelsey and Curtis pulled over at a gas station, went to the OSF OnCall website and entered Charlee’s symptoms. Within five minutes, the provider called back via FaceTime and asked Chelsey to send a few pictures of Charlee’s eye by email. Then, the provider had Chelsey shine her cell phone light into Charlee’s eye to take an even closer look.

The conclusion? It was pink eye. The provider called a prescription into the Rodgers’ pharmacy for antibiotic drops. “When we pulled into Kewanee, our first stop was to our pharmacy where the drops were waiting for us.”

Quick service

Chelsey’s biggest surprise about using OSF OnCall was how quickly everything went. “For us to be able to speak to a provider when we were on the road and have a prescription ready for pickup within such a short amount of time was so convenient,” Chelsey said. “I’ll definitely use OSF OnCall again.”

Last Updated: February 15, 2018

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