Digital Hospital
Digital Hospital

Bringing the Hospital Home

Being in the hospital away from home and family can be inconvenient for everyone. We know it’s no fun being away from home where you feel safe, secure and comfortable, not to mention having access to your favorite foods, your must-see TV programs and pets to snuggle with.

OSF OnCall Digital Hospital, an innovative alternative to traditional hospital care for people with certain health conditions, allows you to receive hospital-level care from the comfort of your own home. This safe, effective and proven care model gives you access to nurses, doctors and more 24/7.

Imagine getting expert care and being able to sleep in your own bed and enjoy meals at your kitchen table, while being surrounded by your loved ones, pets and other things you enjoy. Imagine feeling better – faster!

What to Expect

Your OSF OnCall Digital Hospital care team includes physicians, nurse practitioners, nurses and other health care and service providers. Your care will also include in-home visits by health care professionals, as determined by your care team. Once admitted, you can expect:

Technology connecting you to your virtual care team 24/7

Pharmacy and medication management

Remote monitoring of your vital signs

Regular in-person care team visits

A care plan and schedule designed around your needs

Personalized education to support you in your health care journey

Benefits for You and Your Family

  • Improved comfort
  • Better sleep
  • Increased engagement in overall care
  • Less confusion about the care plan
  • Reduced chance for a hospital readmission
  • Less disruption
  • Improved access to care providers
  • Peace of mind
  • Quick connection to information and support
  • Convenience
  • Reduced stress and demands on time


In addition to virtual monitoring, in-person care team visits and consultation with other providers, other services may be provided as your health condition requires.


Physical, occupational and speech therapies


IV infusion services


Lab tests and imaging


Meals and nutrition

Frequently asked questions

When you're in our care, an OSF OnCall Digital Hospital provider will evaluate several factors, including your diagnosis, available support system at home, proximity to the hospital and insurance coverage to determine your eligibility.

During your care, you will be provided a computer tablet for video visits with your care team, a personal emergency response bracelet, vital sign monitoring devices, and other supplies as your health needs require.

Rest assured, our care team will set up all the equipment and make sure you understand what everything is and how it’s used.

You will be provided a telephone that connects directly to your care team, a router or hotspot for internet access and a backup power supply in case of a power outage.

Lab tests, IV therapies and mobile imaging like ultrasounds and X-rays can be performed in your home. All the arrangements will be made by your care team.