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No more hobbling around for Pontiac man

Dick Riley hobbled around on a “bad knee” for a couple years before finally deciding to do something about it. “I just kept putting it off,” the 85-year-old Pontiac man said. On November 1, 2016, Dick went to see orthopedic surgeon Dr. Jeffrey Lowe with OSF HealthCare Medical Group – Orthopedics in Pontiac. According to […]

Timing was everything for Irma Barton

Irma Barton has dealt with colitis for about 30 years. She knows when she’s having an episode, due to the type and location of the pain. Last fall, the 68-year-old Pontiac woman began experiencing severe pain and thought she was having a bout with the colitis. “It just kept getting worse,” she said. She finally […]

From Colonoscopy to Cancer-Free

Excuses. That’s what Frank Hill says stopped him from getting a colonoscopy after turning 50, as recommended by the American Cancer Society and other advocacy groups. The El Paso man says there was confusion over whether insurance would cover a colonoscopy “so I didn’t have the early screening. I didn’t have a history of cancer […]