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For generations, men have been raised to “walk it off” or “rub some dirt on it” and ignore the pain. It’s been a staple of macho posturing for countless generations.

But the modern man has evolved and realizes there are few things as macho as a solid grasp of common sense, especially when it comes to his health.

Ignoring injuries just isn’t the best way to show how manly you are. And with OSF PromptCare available to treat minor injuries with minimal or no wait, modern men can’t say they’re too busy to spend time getting treated.

Jackie Pollard, manager of OSF PromptCare – Godfrey, said most visits are over in less than an hour. You can walk in without an appointment and wait times are shorter than if you go to the emergency department with a minor injury.

Plus, expanded hours during the week and weekends mean most people can find a time that works from them around their work schedule.

“It’s all about convenient, quality health care,” Pollard said. “It’s perfect for non-emergency problems that can’t wait for an appointment with your primary care provider. We can get you in, out and back to what you were doing in about an hour.”

Don’t ignore the pain

While you might think ignoring the pain scores you toughness points, what it really does is put you at risk of more serious injury. It can, at the very least, delay how long it takes to heal or result in something not healing properly.

“We’ve had someone come in several months after breaking their arm,” Pollard said. “They kept denying the pain and toughing it out. It made correcting the problem that much harder.”

If that person had sought treatment when the injury happened, their arm would have been healed already and they wouldn’t have had to grit their teeth for six months before finally deciding they’d suffered enough, according to Pollard.

OSF PromptCare can get you in and out relatively quickly and conveniently, with no need to schedule an appointment. That’s a good thing for everybody, regardless of how macho you are.

“Health care has evolved with our fast-paced lifestyles,” Pollard said. “We now have options like OSF PromptCare and OSF OnCall Urgent Care, plus additional digital options like OSF MyChart, OSF OnCall and video doctor visits.”

In response to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, OSF HealthCare has also improved procedures for in-person doctor visits to keep you and your family safe.

Last Updated: February 9, 2022

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