OB Nurse Navigators Offer Personal Guidance

shutterstock_121059520 Prenatal checkup resizedMy usual blog posts focus on breastfeeding because, as an internationally board certified lactation counselor, that is my area of expertise. However, I’d like to pause from the usual to tell you about the new OB Nurse Navigator program at OSF Saint Anthony Medical Center. Whether you plan to breastfeed or not, this is a great program for parents-to-be.

What is the OB Nurse Navigator Program?
During pregnancy, there are many decisions to be made. Which physician should I see to deliver my baby? At which hospital should I deliver? Should I breastfeed my baby or feed formula? What will my delivery be like? Which doctor should I pick as my baby’s pediatrician?

As any expectant parent knows, the anticipation of giving birth can be both exciting and overwhelming. To help offset some of those apprehensions, the OSF Saint Anthony OB/Center for Life now offers an OB Nurse Navigator program. This new program helps parents-to-be feel confident and comfortable before delivery day arrives by adding an extra layer of one-on-one care for pregnancy, delivery and postpartum care.

How does the OB Nurse Navigator Program Work?
Your navigator is your personal guide for your pregnancy. Each patient can participate at the level she chooses. Typically the patient will meet in person with her navigator at 20 weeks and 36 weeks, with a phone call at 28 weeks to stay connected; however, patients are always welcome to call with questions or to schedule additional meetings with their navigators.

During your scheduled appointments, your navigator will help you understand what is going on during that point of your pregnancy – such as why certain lab tests are ordered and how your baby is growing – and will provide you with specific types of education during each visit. In addition, she will help you get registered for a prenatal class or take you on a tour of the OB/Center for Life so you can become more familiar with the unit. Your navigator can also help you get pre-registered for your hospital stay and provide you with information to help you make decisions about your delivery, your feeding options and your care after birth and beyond.

All of the OB Nurse Navigators are registered nurses at our OB/Center for Life, so expectant parents can rest assured they are receiving expert advice and insights from someone who knows and understands what they are experiencing.

How do I register for the OB Nurse Navigator program?
If you are interested in learning more about the program, please call 815-227-2346. If you have decided to register, please either call or sign up online at: https://www.osfsaintanthony.org/form/ob-nurse-navigator-application/