OSF OnCall Provides Fast Service to Mendota Resident

Katie Bulfer of Mendota woke up in the middle of the night in intense pain. She suspected she had a urinary tract infection due to her symptoms, which included a frequent need to go to the bathroom with little-to-no urination, blood in her urine and severe pain.

“I was in tears,” said Katie, a physical education and health teacher at Amboy Junior High School in Amboy, Illinois. “I knew I needed a doctor right away and searched online to see if there was an urgent care open during that time of night.”

That’s when she discovered the online urgent care service OSF OnCall.

“I called right away to request an appointment,” Katie said. “Within three minutes, a provider called me back – I was shocked at how little time it took to talk to a provider.”

Instant Relief for a New Mom

Katie and the OSF OnCall provider discussed Katie’s symptoms, and the provider confirmed it was a urinary tract infection. Because Katie was nursing her 5-month-old son at the time, she was apprehensive about taking medicine. But the provider was able to prescribe a medication that was safe to take while breastfeeding.

Within 20 minutes of talking to the provider, Katie was able to pick up her prescription at her local pharmacy.
“I felt almost instant relief after taking that first dose of medicine,” Katie said. “I loved the fact that I could receive care from my home at 3 in the morning. The expense was minimal and OSF OnCall saved me a trip to the ER.”

Though Katie is a patient of an OSF HealthCare primary care provider, she still could have used OSF OnCall if she wasn’t. Anyone can use OSF OnCall – anywhere, anytime.

“I went to work two days later and told all my co-workers about it. I would even use this for my son in the future. It’s a great resource to have.”

Last Updated: February 15, 2018

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