OSF OnCall saves time for Peoria business owner

Stacy Unhold, of Wyoming, Illinois, was preparing for the Christmas holiday when she suddenly came down with flu-like symptoms.

“I had a bad headache, no energy, aches, pains and a sore throat,” Stacy said. “I was hoping the symptoms would go away on their own. On day five of not feeling well, I knew I needed to see a doctor.”

Five-minute wait

the Unhold familyRecently seeing a special on the local news about OSF OnCall – an online urgent care service, Stacy decided to give it a try.

“I live 40 minutes out of Peoria, and it had just started snowing,” Stacy said. “I thought OnCall would be the best option at that point.”

Stacy went to osfoncall.org and filled out the needed information. Within five minutes, an OSF OnCall provider called her back via Facetime.

“I explained my symptoms to the provider,” Stacy said. “He concluded that I needed to be tested for the flu in a doctor’s office.”

The OSF OnCall provider called OSF HealthCare Medical Group – Route 91 Internal Medicine in Peoria, Stacy’s primary care doctor’s office, to personally make sure Stacy could get an appointment that same day. Though Stacy is an OSF patient, she still could have used OSF OnCall if she wasn’t.

“My doctor’s office called me right back and asked if I could come in within a half hour,” she said. “I was so happy to get in right away.”

Because Stacy couldn’t be treated by OSF OnCall, she wasn’t charged the $35 for the appointment.

Back to business

Dr. Kristen Chambers-Damm assessed and tested Stacy for the flu. The results? It was viral. However, Dr. Chambers-Damm was concerned the virus might turn bacterial. Just to be safe, she gave Stacy a written script to turn into Stacy’s pharmacy should the virus go into her chest.

Thankfully, Stacy was well just a few short days later without needing the antibiotic.

“I was amazed at how quickly I was able to be seen by the OSF OnCall provider and the ease of it,” Stacy said. “Being a business owner in Peoria, the service is great for time management. Plus, as a parent, it’s a great service to use to avoid bringing your kids in and out of the doctor’s office with other sick children, too. I’ll use it again.”

Last Updated: February 15, 2022

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