Pastoral Care Poem – “God’s Grace Provides”

Recently, several pastoral care professionals from across OSF HealthCare palliative care and hospice services teams came together to reflect on community and what that means to them as pastoral care professionals, and to their respective teams.

The day was led by Fr. Julian Peters, O.S.B., who has been at the bedside of many dying patients. Fr. Julian shared a poem he wrote, and with his kind permission, I am sharing that with you. Enjoy!

God’s Grace Provides by Julian Peters, O.S.B.

For Kathy – February 2004

Successes and joys
projects complete
plans carried out
things gone right
blessings abound –
God’s grace provides.

Life’s disappointments
dreams unfulfilled
hopes unrealized
chaos of feelings
aching hearts –
God’s grace provides.

Questions arise
doubt hovers near
strength subsides
resolve grows weak
the going gets tough –
God’s grace provides.

Family and friends
soul-mates, sisters and brothers
all for a time
length of days varies
but lasting forever –
God’s grace provides.

Do not be afraid
walk through the darkness
sail through the storm
travel on in hope
move forward in faith –
God’s grace provides.

Yesterdays of memory
tomorrows of imagining
have been and yet will be
today’s lived now
all will be well –
God’s grace provides.

Last Updated: February 15, 2018

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