My job in health care risk management

Taking on health care’s most complicated issues requires the right perspective.

Maggie Chipman began her career defending hospitals and health care providers in medical malpractice claims, but felt she could make a bigger impact working to prevent adverse events before they occur.

Maggie joined OSF HealthCare in 2016 as a risk manager. By working directly with health care providers and leadership, she helps create meaningful change to improve the safety and quality of health care.

“The job is exciting to me because I’m able to come into a situation that is unusual in some respects and provide guidance to how we need to respond and what our next steps might be,” Maggie said. “I can take care of the patient and family, as well as our Mission Partners, and give them the support they need.”

The bigger picture

Risk managers are often asked to provide clarity when issues arise that aren’t covered by existing policies. They need to be quick to respond and have the ability to balance urgent needs with long-term solutions.

Maggie says her mantra is often, “Let’s take a step back.”

“We can’t be focused on just one event. We respond and manage that situation, and then we step back to look at the bigger picture, and that allows us to facilitate change, improvement and prevention of future risk,” Maggie said.

But the focus of risk management is not limited to improving an organization’s policies. It’s also caring for the physical and emotional needs of both patients and providers.

“We need to be approachable, and we need to foster confidence and trust in us, both as a team and as individuals so Mission Partners don’t hesitate to come to us when they have an issue,” Maggie said. “Whatever that person needs to recover, we’re going to be able to provide. The first step is recognizing the need.”

A team approach

Safety First image with icons laid over image of medical professional's handsThe members of OSF HealthCare’s risk management team come from a variety of backgrounds.

“We’ve all come from different backgrounds and different experiences. Part of the beauty of our team is our diversity and the different perspectives we all bring. It’s a group that is open to conversation about change,” she said.

For Maggie, this comes full circle working at OSF HealthCare – an organization dedicated not only to delivering excellent health care, but transforming the future of health care to improve the lives of those we serve.

“Being able to join the Sisters in their Mission is one of the best things about being with OSF HealthCare. We are directed by our founder to ‘serve with the greatest care and love,’” Maggie said. “For me, it applies to everyone with whom I come in contact.”

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Last Updated: May 24, 2019

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