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Why Call It Palliative Care?

“It’s not the term we use to describe our care, it’s the compassion with which it is delivered, that makes all the difference.” People often ask whether we should rename palliative care as something else. Usually their suggestion is along the lines of supportive care. The arguments go along the lines of the “stigma” associated […]

Advance Care Planning: A Gift

There have been several national news pieces recently dealing with advance care planning, and how it can be beneficial to patients, family members, and the health care system. This one I found particularly engaging, and share it here for your information. It is about eight minutes long, but well worth the time to view. In […]

Every Place You Go

You know you’ve made some difference when you hear things outside of work that directly connect to what you do. When I was a family doctor in a traditional office practice, I would sometimes be out with my family at a restaurant, a grocery store, or some other public place, and a patient would stop […]