Training Provides Hope to Improve Global Health

Two physicians in scrubsOSF St. Joseph Medical Center has always made public health a priority in Central Illinois. However, we recently took that priority to a global level when we welcomed a very special visitor from 1.700 miles away. Say hello to Dr. Aurora Argenal Melendez – a third-year Ear, Nose, and Throat resident physician from Tegucigalpa, Honduras. Try saying that three times fast!

OSF St. Joseph hosted Dr. Melendez so she could observe Dr. Will Noyes of ENT Surgical Associates while he performed various ENT surgeries. Dr. Noyes’ goal is to provide training with a focus in global health as often as possible. “Our hope is to provide state-of-the-art training for international medical residents from less-developed countries, so they can provide the best medical services possible when they return home.”

You have our support, Dr. Noyes!

Chad Boore, president of OSF St. Joseph Medical Center, expressed his thoughts. “By welcoming physicians from less-developed countries to train in our medical center, we continue to successfully deliver our Mission of serving with the greatest care and love.”

During a surgical mission trip to Honduras in February, Dr. Noyes met Dr. Melendez and together they performed the first Balloon Sinuplasty procedure in the country. Now that’s an amazing accomplishment – keep up the great work you two!

Last Updated: August 8, 2014