finger-prick.jpg Anticoagulation Services provide individualized care and education to adult and pediatric patients who take the blood thinner warfarin also known as Coumadin, and patients taking similar blood-thinning medications.

Our care team can make immediate adjustments to the anticoagulation medication(s) you take. Advantages for patients include:

  • Point of care testing – finger prick vs. blood draws – for most patients
  • Immediate identification of medication dosage by the end of your visit
  • Personal interaction and education from our certified and specially trained nursing staff
  • Potential decrease in number of visits


During a patient’s first visit, our care team performs an initial consultation, which includes education on the effect diet can have on your blood test results, medication interactions and dosing instructions.

Using evidence-based protocols, you may be scheduled for follow-up appointments, depending on your blood test results.

Each appointment begins with testing with a finger prick. After reviewing the results, our team provides dosing recommendations to you, utilizing standardized protocols.