Impella Heart Pump


The Impella heart pump is the world’s smallest heart pump used to help maintain blood flow during high-risk protected percutaneous coronary interventions (PCI).

What are PCIs? 

PCIs are a variety of procedures used to open blocked coronary arteries through the use of balloons and/or stents, caused by coronary artery disease. PCIs restore blood flow to your heart muscle without open-heart surgery.

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Many patients can undergo a PCI without support from a heart pump. However, patients with certain critical blockages or a weak heart muscle may require additional support like the Impella during a PCI procedure.

Without support, they may not be able to safely undergo such high risk procedures.

The Impella is also used in patients experiencing a heart attack and shock. In these situations, the device can provide additional support to the heart and help it rest and heal.

How is the Impella Placed in the Heart?

The doctor makes a small incision in your upper thigh and inserts a fine tube called a catheter into your femoral artery.

The Impella device is then guided by the catheter and a wire into the left ventricle - the main pumping chamber - of your heart.

The Impella pulls blood from the ventricle and pushes it out into the aorta, delivering oxygen-rich blood to the rest of your body. This allows your heart to rest while the doctor performs the PCI.

Once the PCI procedure is complete, the Impella is turned off and guided out. If your heart requires support after the procedure, the heart pump is kept in the ventricle until your condition is stable.

Who Can I Talk With to Find Out More About Impella?

Our cardiologists will do a comprehensive evaluation to determine if an Impella guided PCI procedure is appropriate for your condition. Please call (800) 352-4410.