OSF Center for Health - Streator

Streator, Illinois

Community Partnerships

To determine the needs of the community, leaders facilitated town hall meetings, utilized direct mailing, distributed surveys and developed a committee dedicated to creating a healthy community. Ideas have also been gleaned from other successful, innovative rural health care delivery models.

This has led to the redesign of OSF Center for Health – Streator, as it transforms into a hub that focuses more on health and wellness rather than being a facility that cares only for the sick. The organization has enlisted a variety of community-based agencies to co-locate within Center for Health, making the facility a convenient space for health and wellness needs.

To better assist with collaboration, OSF HealthCare is implementing software developed by Pieces Technologies to bridge the information gap between social service organizations and health care providers. Ten community-based groups and OSF HealthCare will have the ability to better communicate about patients' well-being and intervene sooner in their health care needs.

It’s the hope of both OSF HealthCare and the community leaders that this new rural health care model not only addresses the physical health of individuals, but positively shapes the lifestyle choices of the entire community.