Ottawa man finds relief from hip pain

Chuck Moss, a retired accountant and a lifelong Ottawa resident, was always very active. He’s played a variety of sports throughout his life, including tennis, baseball and softball. But like many athletes, the wear and tear on his joints recently caught up with him.

In the fall 2016, Chuck was at his biannual checkup with his family practice provider, Dr. Brian Rosborough, at OSF HealthCare Medical Group – Ottawa when he mentioned that his left hip was hurting.

“I told Dr. Rosborough that I was having some issues with my hip,” Chuck said. “I could only go up the stairs in our house one at a time. Luckily, when my hip started really hurting, it was at a time when there wasn’t much yard work to do or I wouldn’t have been able to do that either.”

Dr. Rosborough ordered a series of X-rays to understand the cause of Chuck’s hip pain. The X-rays showed a lack of cartilage between the bones in Chuck’s hip.

The cartilage within the joint had broken down caused by osteoarthritis, resulting in limited movement and severe pain from bones rubbing against one another.

The right doctor for the job

With the news of having osteoarthritis, Chuck needed to be evaluated by an orthopedic surgeon.

“Dr. Rosborough mentioned that there was a new orthopedic group at OSF in Ottawa,” Chuck said. “When I found out that one of the providers, Dr. Awad, had a sports medicine background and experience with professional teams in Detroit that really sparked my interest.”

Soon after, Chuck and his wife, Diane, were sitting in Dr. Mohammed Awad’s office to find out if Chuck needed surgery. After a full examination and reviewing Chuck’s X-rays, Dr. Awad confirmed that he needed a total hip replacement.

“From the moment we met Dr. Awad, he has always been compassionate, never rushes you, attentive to my concerns and always insisted to call him if I ever had any questions,” Chuck said. “I knew he was the doctor for the job.”

Local care makes all the difference

Earlier this year, Chuck underwent a successful surgery. He was released to go home days later.

Three weeks post-operation, Chuck went to physical therapy at OSF HealthCare Saint Elizabeth Medical Center. He worked with physical therapist, Eric Lindenmier, three days a week for six weeks. Chuck’s therapy included mobility stretches and other exercises to build strength in his hip.

“I’m thankful that I was able to do the surgery and all follow-up care locally,” Chuck said. “My hip is 100 percent better than it was. Dr. Awad and his team did an incredible job.”

No stranger to the local health care scene, Chuck reveals that he spent 15 years serving as the hospital’s Chief Financial Officer after the facility – then known as Community Hospital of Ottawa – first opened at its current location in 1974. He reflects on how health care has changed since then.

“OSF HealthCare has brought a variety of resources to the Ottawa community,” Chuck said. “I think the decision to partner with them was a great move, and it gives our community an expansion of different services whether it be orthopedic or something else. OSF HealthCare can serve Ottawa in a lot of ways that are beneficial to the area.”

These days Chuck is able to take care of his yard pain free without the need to hire outside help. He continues to enjoy being retired, spending time with his wife and living a fulfilling life in his beloved hometown of Ottawa.

Last Updated: January 13, 2022

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