Emergency Medical Technician - Basic (EMT-B)

At the forefront of prehospital care and transport, EMTs are equipped with the knowledge and skills to care for critically ill and injured patients. EMTs can serve roles in ambulances as providers or they may be allowed to fill other opportunities in non-transport settings. 

The EMT program offered by ECIEMS follows the US Department of Transportation 2021 National EMS Education Standards as mandated by the Illinois Department of Public Health.  The courses consist of a minimum of 206 hours synchronous and asynchronous material which includes basic airway management, patient assessment, medical and trauma emergencies, BLS medications and procedures, special populations and ambulance operations.

Extra class time may be allotted by the individual instructor to allow for skills practice and testing.  Clinical experience in a prehospital setting and Emergency Department rotation is obtained outside of the regular classroom time.  Upon successful completion of the EMT program, the student is eligible to sit for the National Registry of EMTs certification exam.

Who should take this course?

Anyone interested in obtaining the necessary skill and knowledge to perform prehospital care at the EMT level. Providers with this skill may align with these agencies after obtaining licensure: volunteer fire and/or EMS agencies, full-time fire departments, full-time EMS services or acute care settings. Anyone interested in advancing through the healthcare professions, this is a great first step. Our students have become great EMTs, paramedics, nurses, advanced practice nurses and physicians.


  • Age 17 or older*
  • High School Diploma or equivalent*
  • All students shall provide evidence of current immunization for the following:
    a. HBV
    b. TB
    c. MMR
    d. Varicella
    e. Tdap
    f. Current Flu Vaccine
    g. COVID-19 Vaccine (Recommended but not required)

*Per Illinois law, students who complete the program prior to turning 18 years of age, will be eligible to test but will not be eligible for licensure until his/her 18th birthday.

*Students must possess a High School Diploma or equivalent at time of licensure application.

How can I register to enter this program?

  1. Download and complete the EMT Application Packet.
  2. Submit the completed EMT Application Packet to ECIEMS. In-person or digital.
  3. After the EMT Applicaiton is accepted and approved by ECIEMS, you will be provided an email containing a registration link.
  4. Using the provided registration link, you will pay the required fees and your registration will be secured in the EMT course. 

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EMT Application Packet

2024 EMT Application Packet.pdf (PDF - 1.2 MB)

Upcoming Classes

2024 Spring EMT B Class (January 25th, 2024 - May 6th, 2024) Champaign, Illinois.

2024 Spring EMT Class Flyer.pdf (PDF - 223.0 KB)