Frequently Asked Questions


  • Will my employer have access to my health records?

  • We only provide information to your employer that is relevant to the demands of your job.

    For example, if you are found to have high blood pressure, that would only be communicated if it impacts the work the employer is requesting.

  • Does occupational health replace my primary care provider?

  • We do not treat people for non-work-related issues through our occupational health locations.

    However, there are non-occupational locations, like primary care offices, OSF OnCall Urgent Care, OSF PromptCare and the emergency department, which may treat work-related issues, as well as personal medical issues.

  • Can I go to you for general medical services?

  • You should only seek services from an occupational medicine location if your employer directs you to.

  • Do you have an electronic medical record?

  • OSF HealthCare uses a system-wide electronic medical record that makes it easier to coordinate care across all of our locations.

  • What is the "return to work" process?

  • We strive to get an injured worker back to work as soon as safely possible.

    With that in mind, our providers will recommend a return to work with accommodations more often than recommending an employee be out of work. 

    This allows the employee to make their regular wage in most cases, and allows the employer to keep each person working.


  • How soon can I get in?

  • For urgent matters, you can walk in any hours we are open. For scheduled services, it varies based on demand.

    The sooner you call for an appointment, the more likely it is you can get in when you would like.

  • How long will a visit take?

  • The length of your visit can vary depending on conflicting medical priorities, and the complexity of your employer’s requirements.

    An inability to produce a urine sample can significantly impact the length of your stay.

  • Why do I have to fill out the DOT forms every time I visit?

  • While it is a government requirement, we also like to be able to compare your latest responses with your past forms to look for any changes.


  • What is the cost?

  • Services will be billed to your employer, unless they are self-pay services, such as a DOT physical.

    If you are seeking treatment for a work-related injury or illness and the claim is later denied, the balance will be billed to you or your group health carrier.

  • Will my insurance pay for a DOT physical?

  • Private insurance does not cover this service.

Screenings & Exams

  • What types of testing do you offer?

  • We offer a broad scope of testing, including drug testing, alcohol testing, physical capacity testing, functional testing, audiometric testing, spirometry and physical exams.

  • Why do I need to have these procedures/tests?

  • There are many reason why your employer would want you to have these services.  By law, employers must have workers’ compensation insurance to deal with on-the-job injuries or illness. 

    Government regulations require some employers to have services provided due to the nature of their business. 

    Some employers offer services solely as a benefit to the employee, or to offset risks that can be identified through screening.

  • Can you alter the chain of custody?

  • To ensure accuracy and privacy, the chain of custody is strictly regulated and cannot be tampered with.

  • Why can't you combine all my urine together?

  • The urine collection procedure is heavily regulated by the federal government, which does not allow the compounding of urine samples.


  • Do you offer MRI's and other diagnostics?

  • Yes. We offer a variety of diagnostic services to find the root of a health issue.

  • Do you offer travel vaccines?

  • Some locations offer basic immunizations for the purpose of international travel. Call to find out if a location is near you.

  • Do you provide executive physicals?

  • We offer executive physicals at our Peoria, Illinois location.

  • Can you provide occupational health services at on-site clinics?

  • We provide on-site services on an as-needed basis, or you can contract with us to provide regular services on-site.

  • Will your physician sign off on audiograms?

  • Yes, all audiograms performed in our clinics are reviewed by a provider.

  • Why doesn't your physician do IMEs?

  • We have physicians who are certified to perform independent medical exams, but it is not legally permissible for a provider who has treated a patient to also be the IME provider.

  • Does your physician do disability exams?

  • We have providers across our system that are trained and able to do disability exams when they are requested to do so for a work-related issue.