Knee injuries can limit your mobility, causing you to miss out on great times with the people you love.

We can help. Our team of orthopedic and rehabilitation specialists takes pride in getting you back to enjoying life.

The knee joint is made up of four bones: the femur (the thigh bone), the tibia (the shin bone), the fibula (the calf bone) and the patella (the knee cap).

A smooth substance called articular cartilage protects the bones and enables them to move easily. The menisci are C-shaped wedges between the femur and tibia that act as "shock absorbers" to cushion the joint.

When there is an issue with just one of these areas, you can experience difficulty with range of motion and differing levels of discomfort or pain.


We treat conservatively, and surgery is a last resort or used only when necessary.

We want you to enjoy as active a life as you can, so we often try physical therapy and non-narcotic medications first.

We can help with:

Total Knee Replacement

Many people suffering from knee pain, arthritis, stiffness and limited movement undergo total knee replacement surgery to alleviate their symptoms.

During a total knee replacement, the diseased joint is surgically replaced with an artificial joint, or prosthesis. These are plastic and metal parts that are used to replace your joint surfaces.

The socket can also be made of plastic. These materials are explicitly designed for the human body, so they resist corrosion, degradation and wear over time.